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Animals are my life-long passion which is why I created my pet sitting business, Two Paw Prints Pet Sitting, nine years ago. Prior to owning my own business, I worked for a humane society and two veterinary clinics in the Denver area.  Iím loved by 6 dogs, 4 cats and a horse and in return for that unconditional love, I strive to be the best guardian I can be.
There is nothing more important to me than to make sure every pet, including my own has the best care available!

By learning and teaching the skills in the Pet Tech program, Iím able to not only potentially save one of my petsí lives, but yours as well.  Rest assured your pets will be in good hands.

I invite you to give that unconditional love back to your pet and receive your certification in pet first aidÖ please contact me for more information.